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Wilson So, a gay East-Asian visual artist now living in London, has a MA degree specialising in Illustration and Graphic Novels. 


Having spent his childhood and adolescence between small cities like Macau and Hong Kong, his works explore the cityscape and the narrative nature of the human connection through zines, comics, and paintings. Using words and calligraphy akin to brush strokes to express stories, especially in the queer community.


Using his location drawing experiences, he researches and interviews different queer people in Macau through intimate life drawing sessions to shine a light on these hidden individuals. He then scans these drawings and paints them digitally to bridge between technologies and the communication between generations. It invites the audience to investigate the less visible side of Macau other than just the obvious "Las Vegas of Asia", exploring the queer scenes and stories in the city.  Hence, when he starts drawing and creating stories professionally as he arrives in London, he adapts his storytelling in a new environment.

As Wilson has been expanding his approaches in different sectors. He has been collaborating with different artists, such as Alison Lam. He was a guest fashion illustrator at the event GUCCI GG Multicolor collection in Macau. His zine ”Bodies”  has been showcased at different book fairs and exhibitions, such as Ad Minoliti's at the Tate, St Ives and Bookery Fair in Macau in 2022. He is currently tutoring watercolour classes at the Lauderdale House.





Otherness -- Essence of Differences @ Lauderdale House, London UK

Calligraphy work with Alison Lam -- Conversation Starters @ Espacio Gallery May 2023



"In/Out" Creative Macau “OPEN CLOSE OPEN”, Macao S.A.R.



"Supple Cord" @ Poetry Café, Covent Garden, London UK


Zine / Comic




"Bodies Vol.2: The Room"


"Lotus' Dream 睡蓮一夢"

2025 coming soon



2023                    MA Children's Book Illustrations and Graphic Novels

                            London Middlesex University

2020                    BA Illustration

                            London Middlesex University

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